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What we do

We offer a diverse range of services from local
AI development to enterprise-level products.

Impact Challenges

omdena servicesFacilitating talent development with 1000s of graduates every month and enabling AI professionals to make a positive impact.

AI Innovation Challenges

omdena services Fostering a collaborative approach with up to 50 AI professionals to develop AI models for complex issues.

Deployment & Product Engineering

omdena servicesBuilding cutting edge AI and software products with our top 10% talent.

Enterprise AI

omdena services Developing end-to-end enterprise level solutions with Omdena´s elite talent.

Grassroots AI

omdena services Leveraging bottom-up collaboration to address local and country-level challenges.

Omdena Academy

omdena services Omdena Academy‘s mission is to empower learners with quality education in application areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence while removing the financial and geographic barriers.

Meet our Top Talents

Identifying and developing the best talent from over 20,000 yearly
graduates in Omdena Academy and our Local Chapters.
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Our Insights

Read our Case Studies about Artificial Intelligence
and solving real-world problems.
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Partner Testimonials

What Organizations say about Omdena

omdena testimonial

John Zoltner

Extremely promising project results, not just for Save the Children, but for the entire field of actors.Senior Advisor of Technology for Development and Innovation | Save the Children
omdena testimonial

Kathryn M. Clifton, PhD

Collaborative AI enables robust AI solutions through sharing knowledge, perspectives, and promoting diversity and inclusion.Global Data Analytics and Reporting Lead Catholic Relief Services
omdena testimonial

Andreas Regnery

Leveraging AI prediction for our ambitious goals of developing next-generation immunotherapies.Co-Founder Belyntic GmbH

Powered by a growing
Community of Collaborators & Partners

Loved working with a small team of developers and project managers.
Thank you for the recognition and for providing an environment for growth: demanding and at the same time with enough freedom to propose, explore and learn.
I learned and practiced cutting-edge machine learning and Cloud technology and I got hands-on experience in real-world AI use cases. Moreover, I learned time management, client support, and continuous delivery. As an aspiring AI practitioner, these learnings have been boosting my career growth and skill development.
The project was extremely exciting, and I learned a lot during the project, e.g. to use Microsoft Azure more effectively. Also, my coworkers were very helpful. I never felt like I was under a lot of pressure.
Extremely motivated and problem-driven engineers. Considering Omdena´s global talent pool, it is a great way for talent acquisition also because the first key hires matter so much.
Scaling your Machine Learning team 20x overnight.
In the span of 2 months, the team successfully leveraged the existing knowledge in the domain of hate speech and was able to deliver significant results. The team used the power of Language modeling to power an API that can constantly segregate a sentence as a positive or a negative hate speech.
By having access to engineers from around the world we could test and build computer vision models at speeds we could not imagine doing ourselves.
Deploying a real-time prediction mobile app for HIV care retention, thanks, Omdena!
Working with such a diverse and motivated group of professionals was a truly unique experience, and it provided insights beyond our expectations.
Thanks to all amazing collaborators from the Omdena AI Innovation Challenge for being part of this fantastic journey, great job by the Omdena team!
The diversity of knowledge is amazing! Various deep learning and machine learning techniques in their “toolbox”.
Omdena staff have created and scaled AI algorithms that address core problems around poverty. The statistical results allow programs to focus on key areas that will drive change.
Outstanding in many ways! The challenge provided Sintecsys’s Team an intense and accurate deep dive into AI with amazing results. For Sintecsys, from now on, Omdena is the official AI partner.
The collaborative approach of Omdena is taking innovation to a whole new level. We are proud to have worked together on addressing zero hunger in our “crop’s identification challenge”. We believe this is the start of a long journey together.
Omdena’s community accomplished in 8 weeks what we tried for two years while working with large corporations.
A great collaborative experience for mission-driven organizations and UN agencies with limited resources and AI expertise. The biggest value we have experienced is the great diversity of backgrounds and ideas.
This is an amazing project. I really love the direction Omdena is setting. A real positive and visible influence in the field.
Omdena is a revolutionary idea and by far the best thing I saw in 2019. The biggest value is the delivery of a working solution in a very precise timeframe (8 weeks).
Omdena is making a real change in building AI solutions for meaningful problems.
We’re really excited about the results of this project. My team currently uses the code and infrastructure on an almost weekly basis.
I can´t go back to the old normal. Omdena showed us the way to do innovation.
Testing and iterating on new models at speeds, we would not have imagined doing ourselves.
Several outcomes are extremely promising, not just for Save the Children, but for the entire field of actors.
The PM and team were excellent to quickly align with our needs.
Great problem-solving capabilities, creative solutions, and meeting our processes in an agile way.