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Omdena AI program for Startups

Solve Innovative and Challenging AI Problems and scale up your product Teams up to 50 Engineers to build new innovative AI models Engineer, Deploy and Scale your AI solutions with Top Talents Build ready to market products at a reasonable cost Hire talented Engineers in-house Equity Free program Get full ownership of all the IP
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AI Enterprise solutions

Leverage AI for business success. From AI use cases identification to Enterprise end to end software solution deployment Identify AI Use Cases to maximize you business goals with dedicated workshops Plan the development of new AI Solutions with world class experts AI and Software Product Engineering Hire talented Engineers in-house Innovate in AI with teams up to 50 Engineers
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Create an Impact with the power of AI

Leverage AI to make a greater impact in the world. Engage the world largest community of Impact driven AI Engineers with presence in over 90 countries Identify AI Use Cases to maximize your impact with dedicated workshops AI Capacity Building and Grassroot AI Program Engage a community of +20.000 AI Engineers in + 90 countries Hire on demand Impact Driven Engineers for your projects
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Identifying and developing the best talent from over 20,000 yearly
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omdena testimonialJohn ZoltnerExtremely promising project results, not just for Save the Children, but for the entire field of actors.Senior Advisor of Technology for Development and Innovation | Save the Children
omdena testimonialKathryn M. Clifton, PhDCollaborative AI enables robust AI solutions through sharing knowledge, perspectives, and promoting diversity and inclusion.Global Data Analytics and Reporting Lead Catholic Relief Services
omdena testimonialAndreas RegneryLeveraging AI prediction for our ambitious goals of developing next-generation immunotherapies.Co-Founder Belyntic GmbH

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