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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the world, with applications across diverse industries and domains. However, the demand for AI expertise outpaces the available talent, posing a significant challenge to businesses and governments worldwide.
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A Looming Crisis

The AI talent gap is driven by several key factors, including:
The increasing adoption of AI technologies in diverse industries and sectors. The rapid evolution of AI technologies, making it challenging to keep up with the latest trends and developments. The potential of AI to automate many tasks currently performed by humans, redefining the nature of work.The implications of the AI talent gap are far-reaching. It threatens to impede the widespread adoption of AI technologies and potentially stymie economic growth. Additionally, it could lead to job displacement and exacerbate social inequality.
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Program Highlights

  • Adaptive Learning Environment:
    • Designed to address the ever-evolving demands of the industry.
    • Ensures adaptability and proficiency in real-world AI applications.

  • Hands-On Projects:
    • Engage in projects mirroring actual industry challenges.
    • Gain firsthand experience tackling complex problems, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Collaborative Learning Community:
    • Foster a community environment where participants exchange ideas.
    • Enrich educational experience through collaborative learning.
The program has three phases, a total of six months of implementation for capacity building as follows:
  • Phase 1: Building Foundations – 8 Weeks of Introduction to AI course:
  • Phase 2: Specialized Learning – 8 Weeks of Guided Project Courses:
    • Progress to 2-3 guided project courses aligned with specific interests.
    • Specialized topics include Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Satellite Image Analysis, and more.
    • Hands-on experience and practical insights through instructor-led, guided projects.
  • Phase 3: Real-World Application Development – 8 Weeks of Tackling Real-world Challenges:
    • Dedicated to applying acquired knowledge and skills to real-world problems.
    • Options: Community-Driven Challenges and Innovation Challenges.
    • Community-driven challenges address local issues through collaborative AI-based solutions.
    • Innovation Challenges allow participants to contribute to ongoing global projects monitored for achievements and certificates.
Upon completion of the program, participants are well-prepared to work on talent-paid projects within Omdena and pursue industry roles as data scientists and machine learning engineers.
  • Top Talent Development (only for the top 2% of the performers):
    • Well-prepared for top talent by working on paid projects within Omdena.
    • Equipped to pursue roles in the industry as data scientists and machine learning engineers.
    • Combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and exposure to Upon completion real-world challenges.
    • Positions participants as competitive candidates in the job market.
Extend the transformative model worldwide. Our flexible and scalable program is ideal for diverse regions.

Contact us today to discuss tailoring this transformative educational experience for your region and contribute to building a skilled global workforce.

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Omdena’s Holistic Approach

Our program is a dynamic, hands-on journey for individuals and communities. The five key components of the program are interconnected:

Omdena Academy
omdena servicesThis foundation equips participants with AI and data science skills. The curriculum covers diverse topics, from machine learning to natural language processing, making AI accessible to all.
Omdena Local Chapters
omdena services Omdena provides a collaborative, supportive community where participants network, collaborate on projects, and learn from local experts. Real-world problem-solving is at the heart of this component.
Omdena Innovation Labs
omdena services Participants work on real-world AI projects in collaboration with leading companies and organizations, gaining hands-on experience and transforming ideas into solutions.
Omdena Business Hubs
omdena services This component empowers local chapters to monetize their skills and assists small businesses with top-notch solutions, stimulating economic growth and job creation.
Omdena Talent Hub
omdena services Omdena connects high-performing participants with paid project opportunities and offers migration prospects for those looking to expand their international experience.

Unlocking a Brighter Future

Participating in Omdena’s Grassroots AI Capacity Building Program offers numerous benefits:

Digital Workforce Upskilling and Reskilling

Omdena equips individuals with the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy, regardless of their background or prior experience

Strengthening the Local Innovation Ecosystem

Omdena fosters innovation and creativity by bringing together diverse participants to tackle real-world challenges, cultivating a vibrant local innovation ecosystem.

Collaboration with Existing Programs

The program can be tailored and integrated with existing initiatives to maximize its impact, including collaborations with local universities and training organizations.

Private Sector Engagement

By focusing on real-world challenges relevant to the private sector, Omdena encourages their active participation. The organization also partners with private companies to offer internships and job opportunities to its participants.


Omdena’s program is designed for long-term impact. By concentrating on locally led development, learning, and experimentation, Omdena ensures that its benefits extend far beyond its duration.
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