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Omdena Launches Two Partnerships to Support AI Education in the GCC Region

September 28, 2022

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Omdena starts new partnerships with Badr Algorithm Digital Academy of Saudi Arabia and AI-Enabled Bahrain to provide education through real-world projects in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Badr Algorithm Digital Academy and AI-Enabled Bahrain together with Omdena will provide educational content through Omdena School and Omdena Local Chapters. The goal of these partnerships will be to support data science and artificial intelligence education through solving real-world problems and help build a community of AI for Good in the region. The partnership will also connect to the local universities, ministries, and different agencies, to promote artificial intelligence in this region.

Badr Algorithm Digital Academy is an initiative to achieve three goals for the Arab world: strengthening digital societies, motivating youth, and creating opportunities that enable young people to build a digital economy. According to Bader Alabdan, CEO & Founder of Badr Algorithm Digital Academy: “We are building this partnership as want to bridge the gap between what employees learn and what enterprises really need. We also put a big emphasis on mentoring and a real-world-proof”. 

This partnership comes after the recent trip of Omdena CEO to the region. Omdena has already a local chapter in Saudi Arabia in Prince Sultan University and see’s growth in the region as a key strategic focus.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, Omdena is also expanding in Bahrain. According to Dr. Moath Awawdeh from Ai-Enabled Bahrain: “Bahrain recognizes how Artificial Intelligence is accelerating innovation and development across various areas, hence AI-Enabled Bahrain brought this partnership with Omdena to provide individuals and institutions with AI training, education, and impactful solutions to boost their innovation and creativity capabilities”.

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