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AI-Enhanced Route Optimization for Last-Mile Delivery

November 13, 2023

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Omdena is an organization that helps companies solve real-world problems using AI. In 2023, Omdena partnered with a last-mile delivery company to develop and deploy AI-powered route optimization solutions.


The last-mile delivery company was facing a number of challenges, including:

  • Increased delivery times due to traffic congestion and other factors
  • Higher delivery costs due to inefficient routes
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to late deliveries

Proposed Solution

Omdena assembled a team of AI experts and last-mile delivery professionals to develop and deploy AI-powered route optimization solutions. The team used a variety of data sources, including customer locations, vehicle capacity, and traffic conditions, to train AI models that could generate optimal delivery routes.


The AI models were integrated with the company’s existing delivery system to generate and deploy optimized routes. Delivery planners were able to use the AI solutions to create more efficient routes, which resulted in reduced delivery times and costs.


After deploying the AI-powered route optimization solutions, the company experienced the following results:

  • Delivery times were reduced by 10%
  • Delivery costs were reduced by 5%
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 20%


The AI-powered route optimization solutions developed by Omdena helped the last-mile delivery company to reduce delivery times and costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase operational efficiency.

How this case study is relevant to other organizations

Other organizations can benefit from AI-enhanced route optimization in a number of ways. AI-powered route optimization solutions can help organizations to:

  • Reduce delivery times and costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Omdena can help organizations to develop and deploy AI-powered route optimization solutions by providing access to AI experts and resources, facilitating collaboration between AI experts and delivery professionals, and helping to implement AI solutions in the real world.

Successful Project between Omdena

In collaboration with Carryt, Omdena successfully optimized delivery routes in LATAM using AI planning. The project aimed to improve logistics and reduce urban congestion by leveraging artificial intelligence for route optimization, benefiting both drivers and customers. The team’s efforts resulted in the development of a high-impact, sustainable solution for last-mile logistics in congested cities like Bogota.

Figure 6. Use of multiple vehicles (different colours) in the routing solution. 

Use of multiple vehicles (different colors) in the routing solution. Source: Omdena

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