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This New Incubator Will Bring AI to 50 Impact Startups in 2021

November 26, 2020

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A leader in collaborative AI development, Omdena believes that truly great startups should build solutions that positively change the world by uplifting the vulnerable, improving health, and protecting the environment. This means building products that maximize positive impact rather than shareholder profit. 

To make this vision a reality, Omdena has launched a first-of-its-kind incubator program, where 50 impact startups will get support to build and launch their AI solutions in 2021.

Omdena uses best-in-class tools, well-defined processes, a knowledge-base, and its global diverse community to build such high-impact solutions efficiently, ethically, and effectively. Since Omdena’s inception 18 months ago, over 1700 AI engineers from 86 countries have collaborated on developing solutions for World-renowned organizations like UNHCR, the World Resources Institute, World Energy Council, World Food Programme, UNDP, Save the Children, etc to solve issues with land conflicts, gang violence, hunger, climate change, sexual assault, and other significant problems. 

From January 2021, Omdena will give access to its collaborative AI platform to impact-driven startups through the incubator program. A pre-launch version of the program has already successfully provided AI capabilities to several impact startups such as prestigious XPRIZE contestant Zzapp Malaria, AI for Good Innovation Factory finalist Child Growth Monitor, Engie Factory, and many more. Partnerships with well-known tool providers like Activeloop (YC-19), Miro, Labelbox,, Apify, etc. have been established for the program too.

In a recent Forbes article on why Omdena is here to lead, a partner organization describes their experience in the following words: 

“The power of a collaborative team of  50 AI engineers brought us a deployable AI model within two months. Something that would have taken us at least six months, using traditional development approaches.”

Check out the program page to learn how to be one of the 50 startups for 2021. 



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