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Top 10 Computer Vision Startups Who Solve Real-World Problems

January 25, 2022

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The Omdena “Impact Tech Startups Series” is comprised of game-changing startups. stories, and thought-leadership pieces from leading impact ventures solving real-world problems.

AI for Good is a term you might be very familiar with but what about Computer Vision for Good?

Computer vision is a subset of artificial intelligence that is able to utilize computer algorithms to filter through visual data. Digital images in the form of videos and pictures are constantly being added to the online data pool. Machines that are properly coded can accurately assess what they are looking at.

As the interest in computer vision grows, investors have started to actively participate in the growth of a variety of companies in this sector. Well-known investors and programs in computer vision companies include Deep Learning Techstars, Venture Kick, and Y Combinator.  

While there is a wave of billion-dollar computer vision startups is coming, however, in this article, we do not want to celebrate funding rounds but what Computer Vision startups are on a mission to solve social, environmental, and health-related problems to create a positive impact. 

How Computer Vision Startups Can Help Build A Brighter Future

Computer Vision Applications For a Brighter Future

Computer vision has applications in a variety of sectors including agriculture, health, energy, climate change, autonomous driving, safety, MedTech, and more. AI is meant for Good, and if machines can help us to see and decode data, then aspects of operations such as quality control and medical diagnoses will have reduced errors. 

Computer vision startups have successfully managed to utilize the power of AI in order to solve real-world problems across a wide spectrum of our existence. 

10 Uprising Computer Vision Startups Who Solve Real-World Problems

1. ubble



Ubble is dedicated to improving online safety. In just under 3 years, ubble has become a major player in online identity verification. Ubble’s proprietary technology, built on real-time video recognition, is the only of its kind. 

The company aims to provide citizens the convenience and security of using their personal identity in the digital world, building a sense of trust between online services and their users. Ubble protects users against identity theft and from having their personal data leaked or misused. The company also shields service providers from fraud and improves conversion throughout their customer experience.

2. Wobot.AI


Wobot.AI empowers businesses by autonomously monitoring process compliance across safety, security, hygiene, and customer experience. Wobot’s AI-Powered Video Analytics platform comes with 100s of pre-defined checklists and tasks tracked through existing CCTV cameras. This one-stop platform provides the customer with the comfort of viewing all cameras, events, and incidents on a single application while giving you actionable insights in real-time.

Watch Video: Global Seedstars Summit 

3. Mojo 



Mojo are experts in fertility, in particular male fertility and semen. Mojo has built an AI-powered microscope that revolutionizes both accessibility to and the level of standard in semen analysis.

Success at Mojo is not factored by sperm count but by how involved people are in the conversation of your life. By teaching people how to know their body, where they are now, they can determine their options going ahead. Challenging norms, killing myths, and redefining masculinity.

Watch Video: Fertility 

4. Sensifai 



Sensifai offers a comprehensive video recognition system that can be used to tag videos and pictures, i.e. for objects, scenes, action, sport, celebrity, music, mood, keyword, etc.

Sensifai and DAI-Labor joined forces to develop vehicle tracking across many traffic cameras in the city. This project which is supported by the European Data Incubator aims to incorporate the data collected by the network of traffic cameras in the self-driving journey of the vehicles. The pilot city is Berlin, where a network of traffic cameras and GPU servers are deployed.In this project, Sensifai first developed a Vehicle detection system followed by vehicle tracking and multi-camera vehicle re-identification.

Sensifai Live Demo 




ELLOGON.AI is working on personalizing immunotherapy with the power of big and rich data, cutting-edge algorithms, and a world-class research and development team. Ellogon’s algorithms generate diagnostic and prognostic reports on histopathological and genomic data that are necessary for medical researchers and professionals to assess response to treatment. 

Watch Video: Ellogon Pitch

6. Hazen 



Hazen solutions uses computer vision to power smart algorithms that have the ability to intelligently analyze images and understand content. Functions include Comprehensive Monitoring, Advanced Technology and other functions designed to ensure safety on the roads. Custom solutions. Hazen has developed AI-powered camera analytics, rather than expensive RADAR or LiDAR deployments. Competitively priced and feature rich.

Funding:  Seed funding from Saudi Aramco’s VC arm Wa’ed

Watch Video: Products

7. KoiReader 



KoiReader is an emerging technologies firm that enables Hyper Automation through their proprietary platform, enterprise integrations, and ISV partnerships. 

Some of their Computer Vision for Good use cases involve Surveillance and Theft Prevention and Anti-Truck Lifting.

8. Instacrops



Instacrops is the most powerful AgTech full stack platform in Latin America. Instacrops are specialists developing IoT Hardware and Software development for agriculture, integrating different data sources using artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques to provide information about key parameters of customer crops, all in one cloud based platform. As a virtual agricultural advisor, through Instacrops services you will get real time recommendations with actionable insights, in order to improve your crops using the precise resources.

9. gNext



gNext Labs is an enterprise data analytics company providing the ability to harness video and image data, and transform it into actionable business and operational intelligence. This proprietary cloud based SaaS system creates highly accurate point cloud and 3D models as digital replicas to solve a wide variety of industrial missions. These models provide analytics that offer highly valuable data-driven insights. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enable automated feature detection and predictive analysis. With Computer Vision, the way data analytics are handled in the future is becoming a reality today.

Read Project: Bridge Inspection and Management 

10. NeuroPixel



NeuroPixel.AI Labs is a deep tech start-up that works in application of advanced AI/ML and statistical learning theory in Computer Vision and Image Processing area for online retail storefronts. NeuroPixel are proud to be associated with some of the best Researchers and Professors in our field from IISc, ISB and IITs. is funded and backed by Entrepreneur First.

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Computer Vision Startups in Omdena´s AI Incubator 

With many computer vision startups being part of our AI Incubator for impact-driven startups, here is a recent project which might spark your interest. 


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