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From a Junior Machine Learning Engineer to an Associate Data Engineer in Only 12 Months

December 11, 2022

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Upon becoming an Omdena Top Talent and working on paid gigs with companies ranging from deploying a document reduction model to improving and deploying a social impact Chatbot, Saheen Ahamed from Sri Lanka shares how he got hands-on experience in real-world AI use cases.

What is your background?

I am a fresh IT graduate from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Currently, I am working as an associate of data engineering. I have programming, machine learning, and data engineering skills. I have a passion for big data and AI.

I have participated in Omdena and finished some of their challenges.

Shaheen Ahamed

Shaheen Ahamed

When and how did you enter Omdena, and what was the reason?

I heard about Omdena from my friend. I joined Omdena in 2021 as a junior machine learning engineer. Omdena provides a good platform for learning and practicing current trends in machine learning and AI. 

“With Omdena, I can get hands-on experience in real-world AI projects. I love connecting with people. Omdena has a great community and I can collaborate with the best AI practitioners worldwide. So as an aspiring AI student, I decided to join Omdena for my continued growth and skill development.”

What technical solution did you build recently in a project?

I deployed a RASA AI assistant (chatbot) on the Google Cloud Platform. The AI assistant supports refugees in Venezuela. It handles messages from different communication channels, understands the user’s needs, and performs recommended actions for immediate help.

Shaheen Ahamed working on an Omdena Top Talent Project

Shaheen Ahamed working on an Omdena Top Talent Project

Some of the projects Saheen took part in:

Top Talent Projects:

  • Deploying a Document Reduction Model 
  • Improvement & Deploying a Social Impact Chatbot

AI Innovation Challenges:

As a result of the lack of modern driver support technology, over 90% of 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents in developing countries. Using machine learning, Omdena works on developing a driver assistant with the use of voice technology in combination with visual input from a Head-up Display (HUD).

Voice assistance HUD in the car, while driving – Omdena

Voice assistance HUD in the car, while driving – Omdena

How has the Omdena experience helped you in your career?

Omdena’s Top Talent Project is one of the benefits that Omdena offers to its community members. I learned and practiced cutting-edge machine learning and Cloud technology and I got hands-on experience in real-world AI use cases. Moreover, I learned time management, client support, and continuous delivery. As an aspiring AI practitioner, these learnings have been boosting my career growth and skill development.

Ready to test your skills?

If you’re interested in collaborating, apply to join an Omdena project at:

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