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OmdenaLore Partners With Giga, a Venture of UNICEF, to Connect Schools to the Internet

October 26, 2021

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OmdenaLore is partnering with Giga – a joint initiative between UNICEF and International Telecommunication Union to connect every school to the internet.

As part of the partnership, a joint AI project is being launched to identify school locations in Sudan from Satellite Imagery. The project will be using OmdenaLore – the biggest AI4Good open-source library for real-world projects. All the code developed will be made open source.

As one focus point, Giga maintains a real-time map of school connectivity to identify demand for infrastructure and funds, measure progress toward increasing Internet access, and continuously monitor global connectivity. Over 900,000 schools in 35 countries have been mapped, and are viewable live at

OmdenaLore is a community-driven open source library built by over 200 certified Omdena collaborators. The current codebase, which is already over 30,000 lines of code, is a mixture of tutorials and code structured by specific domain names. With a growing number of collaborators, the library is ever-growing and versatile to handle simple and complex data science tasks. In addition, proper processes and mechanisms have been put in place for code review, testing, and check in. 

Omdena is looking forward to starting this initiative and supporting GIGA´s mission. Only by working together can we make this happen. 

You can learn more about the project here

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