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Govtech Agency Bhutan Partners with Omdena for a Hybrid Program to Raise a New Generation of Local AI Leaders

January 11, 2023

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The Government Technology (GovTech) Agency of Bhutan is leading the digital transformation of the country. In its effort, investment in AI is one of the key strategies towards building a new generation of AI leaders in the country that will drive AI innovation and diffusion. The first such initiative is the launch of a hybrid program to deliver Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Program to build the capability and capacity of the local workforce.  It is the first such initiative to deliver an end to end program for GovTech Bhutan and Omdena. Omdena has been involved with the Bhutan chapter through DHI previously in a similar engagement. 

As part of this program, around 40 ICT professionals will undertake the training, which will be conducted in the hybrid model for three months, starting from January 2023. The training on Artificial Intelligence will cover basic to advanced level Machine Learning and Machine Learning Operations. 

Omdena will facilitate self-paced learning and provide access to online materials and all necessary resources, including a learning platform and cloud services. Practical sessions, including hands-on industry case studies, use cases, and project and application development, will be mandatory for all participants. At the end of the course, Omdena will ensure the implementation of the project deployment by the participants. 

“This program is the beginning of possibilities  in the AI space for Bhutan. We are hoping to build a solid community in the county that will independently develop and create value in AI. We have the right delivery partner Omdena to work with us who has extended generous support for this program” said Acting Secretary, GovTech Bhutan

“This will be Omdena’s first onsite training program and three trainers, selected from the Omdena community, will visit Bhutan and provide onsite training. This program will help raise a new generation of AI leaders in the country and we are proud of being part of the effort by the  Bhutanese government.” – said Rudradeb Mitra, CEO of Omdena. 

The previous projects conducted by Omdena with the Bhutanese government are Virtual Impact Ideathon in Bhutan and building the First Ever Machine Translator for Bhutan’s Local Language, Dzongkha, to English.


About The Government Technology (GovTech) Agency of Bhutan

The Government Technology (GovTech) Agency, established under the Royal Government of Bhutan, is mandated to create and promote an enabling environment for the vibrant growth of the technology sector. The Royal Government of Bhutan has prioritized ICT to achieve its vision of becoming a digital Bhutan. It is making concerted efforts to leverage technologies for the country’s digital transformation. 

About Omdena

Omdena is a platform helping mission-driven organizations, startups, and governments build impactful AI solutions through global collaboration and empowering AI Engineers from all over the world to become changemakers. To date, over 20,000+ AI Engineers from 120+ countries have been part of Omdena, building impact-driven solutions for 220+ organizations. Omdena also has local chapters in 195+ locations across 80+ countries.

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