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Top 20 Nordic Impact-Driven AI Companies and Startups in 2024

May 10, 2022

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The Omdena Impact Tech Startups Series comprises game-changing startups, stories, and thought-leadership pieces from leading impact ventures solving real-world problems.

What are the impacts and benefits of AI for society?

AI for Good is a movement that places a focus on purpose along with profits as AI-based companies conduct their business activities. With the right mindset, AI-based organizations and startups are able to provide their services with the intention to make the world a little bit better, safer, healthier, and inclusive. 

AI has often been perceived as a technology that is disruptive, and often fear-driven; however AI for Good aims to incorporate digital transformation into the positive transformation of humanity and the planet by building inclusive and ethical solutions.

Below is a list of top Nordic AI-driven startups on the mission to make this vision a reality. 

Top Nordic AI companies and startups

1. Nordsense


  • Description: Nordsense is a SaaS-based smart waste management platform that helps with the waste collection processes. Via appropriate management systems, the timing of waste collection is optimised, leading to better volume management in collection facilities.
  • Country: Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
  • Started: 2017
  • Founder: Manuel Maestrini, Søren Christensen
  • Funding amounts: Series A: $12.6 million
  • Applications or projects: Case Studies

2. 2030 Builders

2030 Builders

  • Description: 2030 Builders’ sustainability engagement platform helps companies implement sustainability in organisational culture through employee engagement.
  • Country: Denmark 
  • Started: 2019 
  • Founder: Mia and Gabriela Negru 
  • Applications or projects: Kraft Heinz 

3. Skira


  • Description: By connecting farmers and mills with consumer brands through our platform, Skira enables all stakeholders in the food chain to add traceability and improve environmental, social and financial sustainability.
  • Country: Sweden
  • Started: 2016 
  • Founder: Joel Glemne, Niklas Wallsargård
  • Funding amounts: Seed Funding : 1.4 million Euros 
  • Applications or projects: Case Study 

4. Swegreen



  • Description: SweGreen is an agtech company and vertical farming venture based in Stockholm.
  • Country: Sweden
  • Started: 2019 
  • Founder: Sepehr Mousavi, Marcus Petersson, Pierre Mohlin, Joakim Rytterborn & Andreas Dahlin
  • Funding amounts: Seed funding and Private Equity (total $ 6 million)

5. Ento

Ento labs

  • Description: Ento Labs enables customers to enjoy lower operational costs and reduced carbon emissions by letting an expert energy AI analyze and monitor energy consumption for the most effective improvements.
  • Country: Denmark 
  • Started: 2019 
  • Founder: Kasper B. Nielsen (CTO), Bo Tranberg (COO), Henrik Brink (CEO) & Malte Frederiksen (CCO)
  • Funding amounts: Private Funding
  • Applications or projects: Arbejdernes Landsbank

6. Modulai


  • Description: Modulai is a machine learning agency with a mission to bring the benefits of AI to every organization.
  • Country: Sweden
  • Started: 2018 
  • Founder: Erik Dahlberg, Josef Lindman Hörnlund, Puya Sharif
  • Funding amounts: Private Funding 
  • Applications or projects: Financial Performance Prediction 

7. Word Diagnostics

Word Diagnostics

  • Description: Word Diagnostics clinically validated method provides more accurate assessments than traditional methods and introduces a standardized procedure for evaluating the effects of treatment.
  • Country: Sweden
  • Started:2019 
  • Founder: Oscar Kjell
  • Funding amounts: Seed Funding (1 million Euros) 
  • Applications or projects: Research 

8. Sensae


  • Description: Sensae is a Danish mental wellness company helping people to manage stress & anxiety by using AI to interface with emotions through personalized haptic biofeedback.
  • Country: Denmark
  • Started: 2020 
  • Founder: Olivier Simone, Daniel Lyngholm, Liviu Babitz 
  • Funding amounts: Private Funding 
  • Applications or projects: Biofeedback 

9. Applied Autonomy

Applied Autonomy

  • Description: Applied Autonomy delivers knowledge, solutions, and services for sustainable autonomous transportation. The company offers services for piloting and testing autonomous vehicles and develops the necessary control center systems for the implementation and operation of autonomous traffic.
  • Country: Norway 
  • Started:  2017 
  • Founder: Olav Madland 
  • Funding amounts: Private Funding

10. Gimrobotics


  • Description: Fuelled by decades of peer-reviewed and hands-on hard science with real mobile machines, forged by dozens of global user cases, including some with Fortune 500 companies, the proprietary GIM SW Stack turns a mobile working machine into a full-blooded field & service robot and speeds-up product development, opens new markets and saves resources.
  • Country: Finland 
  • Started: 2014
  • Founder: Prof Emeritus Aarne Halme, Dr Jari Saarinen, Dr Jussi Suomela, Dr Jose Luis Peralta 
  • Funding amounts: Private 
  • Applications or projects: Trombia Free 

11. Svarmi


  • Description: Svarmi helps organizations to create in-depth transparency on nature interaction within their Area of Impact, enabling a Digital Journey to Nature Positive. By using data from satellites, drones and on-ground sensors, Svarmi has unique capabilities to help mitigate risks and manage stakeholder dialogue through a common source of truth. Through DATACT, Svarmi’s data platform, companies can acquire, process, and manage geospatial data and build decisions using the most relevant information. Founded in 2013, Svarmi has built award-winning technology and served over 110 clients across sectors, including renewable energy, carbon finance, construction, governments and municipalities, engineering, architecture, and industrial facilities.
  • Country: Iceland 
  • Founder: Tryggvi Stefánsson, Kolbeinn Hilmarsson
  • Funding amounts: Undisclosed

12. Augment City

Augment City

  • Information: AugmentCity decreases the gap between man and machine by humanizing and contextualizing complex data. AugmentCity offers smart and sustainable solutions throughout the urban development process involving inhabitants, politicians, private and public decision-makers.
  • Country: Norway 
  • Started: 2019 
  • Applications or projects: Project Use Case

13. Inify

Inify Laboratories

  • Information: Inify Laboratories provides cancer diagnostics through ultra-modern laboratory services within pathology. It uses a fully digital, standardized, and AI-supported workflow to optimize quality and response times, initially within prostate.  
  • Country: Sweden
  • Applications or projects: Case Study 

14. Bulbitech


  • Information: Bulbitech offers advanced neurological eye examination equipment and software for neuro-ophthalmologists and optometrists.
  • Country: Norway
  • Started: 2015
  • Applications or projects: Research 

15. ThinkOutside


  • Information: Think Outside provides the ability for organizations to view accurate and reliable snow data for planning purposes.
  • Country: Sweden 
  • Started: 2019 
  • Founder: Monica Vaksdal, Founder, Board Member
  • Funding amounts: Private 
  • Applications or projects: Case Study 

16. Addi Medical

Addi Medical

  • Information: ADDI Medical has developed a new disruptive point of connection – HOPE, Healthcare Operability with Patient Engagement.
  • Country: Sweden 
  • Started: 2016 
  • Founder: Karolinska Institutet Holding AB, Nina Sellberg
  • Funding amounts: Private 
  • Applications or projects: Digital Parent Education

17. Stock Republic

Stock Republic

  • Information: Using machine learning, StockRepublic provides benchmarks and guidance with real data from real people. StockRepublic provides a full mobile-first platform (B2B) including APIs and client applications for banks to connect or use as white-label. 
  • Country: Sweden 
  • Started: 2019 
  • Funding amounts: Private 
  • Applications or projects: Case Study 

18. Precure


  • Information: PRECURE´s solution helps companies prevent muscular strain and hereby create a healthier workplace, reduce costs, and loss of productivity.
  • Country: Denmark 
  • Started: 2016
  • Funding amounts: PRECURE raised €456,000 / Seed from Bornholm’s Business Foundation and Sparbo Finans
  • Applications or projects: Case Study 

19. Spacept


  • Information: Spacept fuses artificial intelligence with satellite imagery to protect infrastructure and tackle climate change
  • Country: Sweden 
  • Started: 2019 
  • Funding amounts: Private Grant Funding 
  • Applications or projects: Vegetation Monitoring

20. SustainLab


  • Information: SustainLab is a SaaS Sustainability Management Software that automates the collection, processing, and visualization of sustainability data.
  • Country: Sweden 
  • Started: 2020 
  • Founders: Kamal Hakimzadeh, Maria Svantemark
  • Funding amounts: Private 
  • Applications or projects: Case Study 


As AI continues to change our lives, extensive applications prove to be quite effective. With higher precision and increased ability to make faster decisions, organizations can feel more confident in the management of their strategic plans.

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