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Omdena Launches New Version of Dashboard to Enhance Community Engagement

July 5, 2023

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Omdena is excited to announce the launch of version 2 of the Omdena dashboard. This new version aims to provide an enhanced user interface and user experience and offers a range of new features and improvements.

What are the new features of the Omdena dashboard?

1. Omdena Chatbot – Beta Version

Collaborators can now ask questions directly to the chatbot, which serves as a helpful resource for quick information retrieval.

Omdena Chatbot - Beta Version

Omdena chatbot – beta version

2. Recommendation-based Projects Page

With enhanced search functionality and recommended content feature, collaborators can easily navigate through ongoing and upcoming projects in a more streamlined manner. Based on the interest of the person, the system will also recommend the next projects.

Recommendation-based Projects Page

Recommendation-based projects page

3. Impact Points and Badges

The new profile page allows users to view their impact points and breakdowns, track completed projects and courses, showcase earned awards and badges based on contributions, add skills and expertise, manage account settings including password change, update personal information such as name, GitHub link, LinkedIn link, toggle newsletter settings, edit domain interests. Badges are also provided to users based on their achievements, which can be shared via social media.

Profile Page

Profile page with impact points and breakdowns

Profile Page

Profile page with achievements and badges

Profile Page

Profile page with completed projects and courses

Profile Page

Profile page with account settings management

4. Career Paths and What’s Next Page

Collaborators can identify the skills required to achieve their career goals through this new page that provides valuable insights and guidance. The What’s Next page suggests the next steps for collaborators to further engage with the Omdena ecosystem effectively.

Career Paths

Career paths page

What's Next Page

What’s next page

5. Articles Page

The new articles page presents a collection of insightful blogs and articles from Omdena, keeping users informed and inspired. The articles are populated based on the user’s interest.

Articles Page

Articles page

6. Announcements

Collaborators can now stay updated with event announcements directly from Omdena, conveniently visible on the overview page. 


Announcements on the overview page

In addition, the following pages have been redesigned: 

1. Overview Page

The overview page has been revamped for simplicity and ease of use. It provides snippets of all content currently available for the Omdena Community.

Overview Page

Overview page

2. Resources Page

The resources page now supports efficient searching to find relevant content quickly. Users can also switch between categories effortlessly.

Resources Page

Resources page

3. Opportunities Page

With improved search functionality, this page showcases open opportunities available for applications, including classic opportunities offered by Omdena.

Opportunities Page

Opportunities page

The launch of version 2 of the Omdena dashboard reflects the platform’s commitment to continuously enhancing the user experience and providing a valuable ecosystem for collaborative problem-solving. These additions and improvements aim to empower collaborators further and streamline their engagement within the Omdena community.

To explore the new version of the Omdena dashboard, please visit:

For further information, please contact: [email protected]


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