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Omdena Partners With Educational Institutions in Africa to Benefit Over 800 Students in the Next Three Months

November 25, 2022

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Omdena started four new partnerships with educationational institutes in Africa to provide the best learning experience related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Recent partnerships include agreements with Institute Saint Jean (ISJ) in Cameroon,  Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) in Ethiopia, and two companies from Nigeria: EdTech startup Zacrac Learning and digital solutions company Octave Incorporations (Octave).  

Institute Saint Jean (ISJ) in Cameroon, Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) in Ethiopia, EdTech startup Zacrac Learning in Nigeria, and digital solutions company Octave Incorporations (Octave), also from Nigeria, together with Omdena will provide educational content through Omdena School and Omdena Local Chapters. The goal of these partnerships will be to support data science and artificial intelligence education by solving real-world problems in Africa. 

The four partnerships will create an Omdena Data Science Professional Degree Program (ODSPDP). Omdena Data Science Professional Degree Program is a unique degree program developed by OmdenaSchool to provide practical training on real-world projects to students who aspire to build a career in the Al domain. The program intends to impart competence, communication skills, teamwork, and critical thinking. 

In the case of Institute Saint Jean, 40 students will join the ODSPDP, whereas, at Adama Science and Technology University, 100 students and 20 Instructors will benefit from the course. Omdena and Zacrac will deliver the ODSPDP to 200 students and Octave to 500 students. Thanks to four new partnerships with Omdena, data science, and artificial intelligence courses will be attended by more than 800 students in Africa in 2022 and 2023. 

“Application and adoption of AI technology in business have continued to grow in Africa. There was no better time for African learners to become AI changemakers. Universities and course providers that have partnered with Omdena found that working on real-world AI projects and collaborating with learners from around the world can be a rewarding opportunity for their students. I think it is high time for African learners to be empowered in driving innovation throughout the continent with AI technology”

– said James Elieta, Partnership Manager, Omdena.

Institute Saint Jean (ISJ) in Cameroon was created to meet the desire for professional technical bachelor’s and master’s degree training and high-level engineering. Institute provides the opportunity to prepare and obtain diplomas to international standards recognized in Cameroon and worldwide. 

Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) in Ethiopia is a public university established in 1993 as Nazareth Technical College. Currently, the university is working towards the attainment of its vision of becoming the first choice in Ethiopia and the premiere center of excellence in applied science and technology in Africa. 

Zacrac Learning is an EdTech startup focused on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The company offers technical training and job readiness to talents in Africa and goes the extra mile to connect them with employers for internships and job placements. Zacrac Learning has trained over 2500 data professionals. 

Octave Incorporations is a digital solutions company aiming to advance digitization in Nigeria and Africa by providing available, accessible, and affordable digital skills education and services. Octave has trained over 2,500 students since its founding in.

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