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Omdena Partners with the University of Santo Tomas – College of Science to Foster AI Education in the Philippines

May 31, 2023

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Image sources: College of Science, University of Santo Tomas

Omdena a global AI community, is proud to announce its partnership with the University of Santo Tomas – College of Science, to empower students with real-world AI experiences and foster collaboration in solving pressing challenges through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Omdena is renowned for its commitment to uniting talented individuals worldwide to develop and deploy innovative solutions to real problems. Through this partnership, the University of Santo Tomas will provide students with a unique learning experience that combines academic knowledge with practical exposure in the field with Omdena Laguna chapter.

The partnership has identified the following goals to guide their collaboration:

  • Enabling students to apply their degrees in real-world scenarios and gain practical insights.
  • Promoting awareness of AI and machine learning applications across various industries and fields of study.
  • Publicizing and communicating AI and ML solutions developed through joint efforts.

To achieve these goals, the partnership will pursue the following objectives:

  • Omdena School for College Students: Omdena will offer a course focused on practical AI/ML skills. Successful completion of the course will result in certifications for the participating students. A select number of students will be chosen to participate in local challenges upon completing two local challenges and one core challenge. Active participants will then be welcomed into the Omdena community, gaining access to a network of professionals, work opportunities, and continuous learning.
  • Hosting Local Challenges: The University of Santo Tomas will have the opportunity to host Omdena challenges, which will bring together experts from internal and external communities. 
  • Writing and Publishing Research Papers: Omdena, known for its scalable AI and ML solutions, aims to spread knowledge through case studies. To ensure a wider impact on scientific communities and relevant fields of study, the collaboration between Omdena and the University will involve writing research papers.

“This partnership between Omdena Laguna Chapter and the University of Santo Tomas – College of Science demonstrates their shared commitment to fostering practical AI education, promoting real-world applications, and contributing to scientific advancements. By combining their expertise and resources, the partnership aims to make significant contributions to the AI and ML landscape.” said Erum Afzal, OmdenaSchool Head.


About The University of Santo Tomas – College of Science

The University of Santo Tomas – College of Science is a leading educational institution in the Philippines, known for its excellence in scientific education, research, and innovation. With a commitment to developing well-rounded individuals and contributing to society, the College of Science prepares students for meaningful careers in various scientific disciplines.

About Omdena

Omdena is a platform helping mission-driven organizations and startups build impactful AI solutions through global collaboration and empowering AI Engineers from all over the world to become changemakers. To date, over 20,000+ AI Engineers from 120+ countries have been part of Omdena, building impact-driven solutions for 220+ organizations. Omdena also has local chapters in 195+ locations across 80+ countries.

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