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Top 14 AI Companies in the UK using AI for a Positive Impact

May 24, 2022

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Here is a list of 14 AI companies in the UK that are making a positive impact on society.

The Omdena “AI Adoption Leaders Series” comprises game-changing startups, stories, and thought-leadership pieces from leading impact ventures solving real-world problems using AI.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be an effective tool for healthcare, cybersecurity, agriculture, environmental iniatives, and autonomous vehicles. There is no doubt, It is and will continue to transform our world, and many rising companies are already taking advantage  to make a positive difference. a better place.

For the first time in UK history, artificial intelligence companies are making real progress toward solving significant problems, including environmentalism, and human rights. And as a result, the discussion around  AI continues to grow, and more and more companies are investigating how AI can help them solve problems in their specific field.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top rising AI For Good companies in the UK, which includes the following companies.

But first, let’s look at the development of artificial intelligence in the UK. How many are ranked globally, and how many AI companies are in the UK?

Introduction to artificial intelligence in the UK

The UK government has set out their ambition for Britain to be ‘the world’s most innovative nation’ by 2030. Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a big part in achieving that goal. So it’s no surprise that over £2 billion has been invested into UK AI research and development projects since 2010, including more than £500 million from venture capital firms.

So far, so good! UK-based AI companies raised a record 19.6 billion pounds between 2011 and 2021. However, despite all of these impressive figures, only 19% of people believe that UK businesses are ready for AI, which suggests we still have some way to go to educate our workforce on its potential benefits and uses. 

What can we expect from UK AI companies in 2022?

Well, according to PwC, global spending on AI is expected to reach 15.7 trillion pounds by 2030 – but UK companies aren’t just going to sit back and let other countries take all of the glory: 48% of British business leaders predict that at least one company in their sector will achieve ‘significant commercial success with AI within five years.

How many AI companies from the UK are ranked in the world?

The UK has several high-profile AI startups that have attracted vast amounts of investment and attention from around the globe. However, it’s not just big names like and that are making waves – there are plenty of other innovative UK AI companies on their way up. 

According to Cybercrew UK, the UK is one of the leaders of AI-powered chatbot-using countries globally – with an adoption rate of more than 20%. In fact, according to CB Insights, UK artificial intelligence start-ups raised 6.6 billion pounds in 2021 alone – more than any other European country. That figure is also predicted to grow by 25% in 2022 alone. 

So what does all of that mean? 

For starters, it means we should expect to see even more UK AI companies joining those already leading the pack within the next few years! 

How many AI companies are in the UK in 2022?

According to Cybercrew Uk, there are more than 1000 artificial intelligence (AI) businesses in the UK as of 2022 – and that figure is predicted to grow by more than a third over the next three years. 

That’s huge! 

But how does that compare to other countries? According to Statista, China has around 447 AI businesses – but with a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, that means it has almost double as many AI businesses per capita as Britain.

Top AI for Good companies in the UK

Here are the top AI companies in the UK:

1. iDoc.AI is a premier consultancy firm successfully delivering in the technology and HR space since 2009. The company has access to more than 10000 active healthcare professionals, mainly – registered Nurses, Doctors, Radiographers and Radiologists. Their HR solutions and healthcare management products like – EMR/HMS have been deployed at various locations worldwide.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Anurag Tarar and Rahul Tarar

Founded: 2009

Funding: None

Applications or projects: EMR/HMS

iDoc- Hospital Management System and Employee Management System is an AI-powered solution from Teleglobal Consulting Ltd, UK, that helps healthcare delivery organisations look beyond traditional module-based applications and focus on a platform-based application that unleashes quantum improvements in revenue cycle management and clinical processes productivity and attains time-to-service for care providers.

2. VineHealth


Vinehealth app helps empower people with cancer to achieve their best possible quality of life, enabling them to track their symptoms, manage their medications and understand their care. The AI puts cancer patients back in control of their treatment. 

With patient consent, can also deliver the crucial data needed to represent the voice of patients in healthcare delivery and drug development. It enables clinicians and researchers to truly understand how patients respond to treatment to transform the delivery of cancer services.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Rayna Patel and Georgina Kirby

Founded: 2018

Funding: $8.5M

Applications or projects: Vinehealth app built the Vinehealth app because it realised the potential to support people living with cancer to better self-manage their care through behavioural science principles and digital technology. The app has a supported self-management (SSM) crucial for cancer patients everywhere and is an integral part of the NHS Long Term Long-term Plan’s commitment to personalised care across the healthcare system.

Vinehealth app

Vinehealth App. Source

3. Drone Ag is a UK based team of farmers, agronomists, drone pilots and software engineers that provide drone training courses and software solutions. The company has been using drone systems on our 6000-acre farm for years, and they base all their answers on what they have learnt in that real-world farm environment.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Jack Wrangham

Founded: 2015

Funding: £947.8K

Applications or projects

Skippy App and Drone for agricultural advancement – The Skippy Scout app automates crop-scouting drone flights, allowing growers and agronomists to check pest, weed and disease levels across a field remotely.

Skippy App

4. Agamon Health

Agamon Health

Agamon was built out of a shared commitment to unleashing maximum potential. The company strives for the best in everything they do and works hard to empower others to do the same. They believe that current processes around medical reporting represent an opportunity to unleash significant potential, with measurable gains to be had by patients, doctors, hospitals and the healthcare industry.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Michal Meiri and Omri Sivan

Founded: 2018

Funding: $3M

Applications or projects: Agamon Platform (Coordinate, Analyse, and Simplify). 

With the power of the Agamon Platform, the healthcare industry can Coordinate, Simplify and Automate clinical processes and data. Increase revenue through the improvement of patient follow-up adherence. Reduce risk and liability through the reduction of miscommunication and human error. Automate workflows by automating monitoring systems, alerts, and communication and improve patient satisfaction by simplifying patient-facing communications.

Agamon Platform

5. Novai


Novai is a disruptive British biotech start-up with an AI-supported retinal biomarker for use in glaucoma and AMD clinical trials.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Aman Khan and Francesca Cordeiro

Founded: 2018

Funding: £3.6M 

Applications or projects: DARC Technology

DARC technology is an exploratory retinal biomarker for AMD & glaucoma clinical studies. DARC combines an innovative patented biologic with a state-of-the-art AI algorithm. For the first time in humans, using standard imaging equipment, DARC can identify cellular level disease activity.

DARC Technology

6. Transformative


Transformative is a medical software company whose first product predicts cardiac arrest. Its mission is to predict life-threatening medical events so that patients and healthcare providers can prevent them. The vision is to empower all people to enjoy longer, healthier lives. Transformative is also an alumni of the Omdena AI incubator for impact-driven ventures

Country: USA

Founders: Josh Oppenheimer, Marek Sirendi and Marek Rei

Founded: 2016

Funding: $2.4M

Applications or projects: Predictive patient monitoring software

Transformative AI predictive patient monitoring software allows healthcare providers to respond to life-threatening medical events before they occur. 

Predictive patient monitoring software

7. Antiverse


Antiverse is a new type of antibody discovery company accelerating drug development. Founded in 2017, Antiverse is dedicated to engineering the future of drug development to change the course of people’s lives. The Antiverse platform exists at the intersection of structural biology, machine learning and medicine to enable breakthroughs to happen more quickly and cost-effectively. Recognised as one of the top biotech startups in the UK, their service is already used by big pharma. The company is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Ben Holland, Murat Tunaboylu, Rowina Westermeier

Founded: 2017

Funding: £1.8M

Applications or projects: AI-Augmented Drug Discovery platform

Antiverse works alongside your expert lab scientists, using next-generation sequencing (NGS) to extract even more data from existing workloads. Its AI-Augmented Drug Discovery platform and trained models analyse the statistics gained from thousands of experiments. These are compared against known data to propose the best selection of candidates according to your criteria.

AI-Augmented Drug Discovery platform

8. Arborea


Founded in 2015 by CEO Julian Melchiorri, Arborea is industrialising photosynthesis to expand the world’s food supply. The start-up has developed a breakthrough ingredients & protein production platform that solves the crucial issues of existing photosynthetic culture platforms. Arborea’s cultivation technology for photosynthetic microorganisms mimics the functioning mechanisms of a real leaf. It has created a radically more effective food production platform resulting in a capital-light, scalable solution that slashes the costs of fermentation. Arborea is on a mission to make healthy and sustainable food the primary choice for everyone by enabling hitherto expensive nutritional ingredients and proteins to be produced sustainably, efficiently, and affordably.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Julian Melchiorri

Founded: 2016

Funding: $6.1M

Applications or projects: Biosolar Leaf

Arborea’s team developed a breakthrough cultivation system, the BioSolar Leaf, which harnesses natural photosynthesis in a new way. The technology facilitates the growth of microscopic plants to produce healthy food ingredients, all while generating breathable oxygen and sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), a significant contributor to climate change.

Biosolar Leaf

9. Space Intelligence

Space Intelligence

Space Intelligence are an Edinburgh based company who are dedicated to supporting nature-based solutions projects to fight climate change. They provide full transparency and truly accurate data insights for nature-based solutions projects to guide decision-making. Their products and services are backed by the scientific expertise of their team which empowers a rigorous approach. They are ranked in the top 10 most innovative Scottish tech companies in 2020 in the BusinessCloud Scotland Tech 50 as well as one of the top 100 geospatial companies globally.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Dr Murray Collins and Professor Ed Mitchard

Founded: 2018

Applications or projects: 

Space Intelligence’s Mapping Product Suite supports nature-based solutions projects globally from opportunity screening through to ongoing assurance. This product suite includes; CanopyMapper™ which provides opportunity screening for forest projects, HabitatMapper™ to create landcover maps and track change in landcover over time; and CarbonMapper™ which provides per-pixel biomass estimates to accurately estimate carbon stocks.

Carbon Mapper

10. Fieldwork Robotics

Fieldwork Robotics

Fieldwork Robotics is developing and commercialising soft, selective, and autonomous harvesting robots. It was established by Dr Martin Stoelen of the University of Plymouth in 2016 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Martin Stoelen

Founded: 2016

Funding: $388K

Applications or projects: 

Harvesting Robot – A selective and autonomous harvesting robot to helps farmers harvest products without stress. 

Harvesting Robot

11. Hashiona

Hashiona Joins Omdena AI Incubator

Hashiona improves the day-to-day quality of life for Hashimoto patients.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Eva Galant, Konrad Koniarski

Founded: 2020

Funding: €450K

Applications or projects:

The Hashiona Health and Fitness App – Hashiona is a tool that allows you to monitor your well-being every day!

The Hashiona Health and Fitness App

12. Earth Rover

Earth Rover

Developer of autonomous farming robots designed for precision farming. The company’s robots are based on ExoMars Rover space technology, adapted to carry precision tools and integrate with an intelligent data platform, enabling farmers to bridge the gap between today’s farming methods and the autonomous farm of the future.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: David Whitewood, James Arthur, Sergio A. Martinez

Founded: 2017

Funding: $601.1K

Applications or projects:

CLAWS – Earth Rover’s Concentrated Light Autonomous Weeding System. Using farmer-led AI & robotics, CLAWS is creating a unique solution to a more sustainable and profitable future for farming.


13. Cropsafe


A simple online platform utilising satellite imagery to accurately detect and predict impending diseases within your crops, providing relief solutions directly to the landowner. The simple alternative to allow any landowner to survey their land with the touch of a button using satellite machine learning techniques.

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: John McElhone, Micheál McLaughlin, Sara Johnson

Founded: 2020

Funding: $2.9M

Applications or projects:

CropSafe Mobile – Create alerts to monitor the health and condition of your farm, all monitored remotely via satellite

CropSafe Mobile

CropSafe Financing & Insurance – Scale your operations with financing available within CropSafe, approved and available instantly

CropSafe Financing & Insurance

CropSafe Enterprise – Roll-out the brains of CropSafe to your clients with our fully managed distributor dashboard

CropSafe Enterprise



Founded by surgeons, is built from the ground up to meet the complex needs of the global orthopaedic community. The company supports patients, surgeons, hospitals, research organizations and life science companies. 

Country: United Kingdom

Founders: Tom Harte

Founded: 2014

Funding: Over $1M

Applications or projects:

Myrecovery patient app – myrecovery, MSK patient app, supports patients through their orthopaedic care, by engaging throughout every step of their journey.

Myrecovery patient app

Orthopaedic community – For healthcare professionals and care providers, we facilitate care navigation and pathway optimization, whilst driving outcomes through insight and data science.

Orthopaedic community


It’s been a long time coming, but AI technology is finally poised to revolutionize customer service. While there will still be a place for human agents, it will increasingly become an option of last resort as businesses adopt AI-powered alternatives. 

If you’re ready to start putting AI to work for your business or organization, one of these top UK AI companies can help you along. Whether you need to hire AI UK companies, AI developers, implement AI solutions in your business or just want some advice on how best to incorporate AI into your operations, they’ve got what you need.

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