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Deploying Machine Learning Models and Working at One of the World´s Leading NGOs

September 19, 2022

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Bruno Ferreira da Paixão from Brazil completed several Omdena Challenges, upon which he became an Omdena Top Talent to work on paid gigs with companies. Through Omdena, he recently got hired at Catholic Relief Services to scale machine learning solutions for poverty reduction across countries.

Bruno, what is your career background? 

I’m passionate about data and evidence in public policy. I’ve developed my career in the information technology area, with extensive experience in project management, deploying machine learning solutions, managing teams, and implementing improvements by developing a trajectory in the public sector.


Deploying machine learning models is much more than writing code. It is to identify a problem, propose a solution, and add value to the organization.”


When and how did you enter Omdena? What was the reason?

I joined the community in 2019 by applying to Omdena´s AI Challenges, using artificial intelligence to make an impact on real problems.

Some projects Bruno took part in:


Source: Bruno having fun at his workstation

How did the Omdena experience help you in your career till now?

Having the opportunity to work on real projects with real data makes all the difference because we can create solutions that actually change the reality of a community. I am very pleased to be able to work with social impact projects. I have always believed that data can and should be used to solve problems that affect people’s lives.

What technical solutions did you build recently in a project?

In a recent project, risk zone project in Japan, we were able to calculate a risk zone score based on events such as floods, earthquakes, and access to hospitals. I am convinced that in this project we leveraged artificial intelligence to transform people’s lives.

Source: Project dashboard screenshot

Source: Project dashboard screenshot

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