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Natural Language Processing: Theory and Applications

March 11, 2024

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For whom is this course?

This course is designed for individuals interested in building their expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), with a specific focus on capacity building and independent project development in Sri Lanka, emphasizing the creation of local language models.

What will you learn?

  • Participants will gain knowledge of NLP fundamentals, phonetics, morphology, lexicon, syntax analysis, and NLP methods.
  • Participants will be able to apply these concepts and methods in analyzing and processing speech data, developing NLP models, and creating real-world NLP applications.
  • Participants  will be able to critically analyze and evaluate NLP features, model performance, and the impact of advanced NLP applications.
  • They will be able to create NLP models for specific tasks, design NLP projects, and synthesize solutions for challenges like local language model building.
  • Participants will be able evaluate the quality and accuracy of NLP analyses, assess the effectiveness of NLP techniques, and formulate recommendations for addressing local language model building issues in projects such as “Zero-Shot Hate Speech Classification in Tamil.”


Basic knowledge of programming concepts in Python


Index Topic Hours
1 Introduction to Natural Language Process 3 Hours
2 Phonetics and Phonology and lexical analysis 3 Hours
3 Morphology and Lexicon and syntactic analysis 3 Hours
4 Supervised Learning Methods in NLP 4 Hours
5 Unsupervised learning Methods in NLP 4 Hours
6 Advanced Topics in NLP Applications 4 Hours
Project Zero-Shot Hate Speech Classification in Tamil 4 Hours


*All sessions will be conducted online, and the primary language is Englis


Course Info

Duration28 hours
Start DateMay 1, 2024
Last Registration DateApril 22, 2024
No of Students100
Skill Levelintermediate

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