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We share meaningful ideas and make an impACT with AI

“I would like to harness AI to strengthen not only GDP but also to create happiness and well-being for the people.” – HE Tshering Tobgay, Former Prime Minister of Bhutan

“If we achieve sentience in the machines, they can help us solve the world’s most pressing problems.”– Dr. David Hanson, Creator of Sophia Robot

“If a compassionate leader can hold the power of AI in problem-solving, that would help make this world a better place.” – Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2014

Hosted by Rudradeb Mitra, CEO of Omdena

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Sharing the best impACT ideas

In the impACT leadership by Omdena, we bring together the civic society and the business world with the global AI community to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

In the impACT leadership, we discuss meaningful ideas, and in the impACT program, we implement them.


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Lastest Episodes

[Premiere: April 27, 2023] – Expanding Product Influence: Uncovering the Success of’s Micro-Lending Platform Maximizing

Vishal Ghote, CEO of

Topics covered:

  • Background of Vishal Ghotge: Journey from Microsoft, Groupon, and Payscale to Kiva.
  • About What has Kiva achieved so far and what the future looks like for Kiva?
  • Challenges and learnings from product development, especially for products/platforms like whose primary focus is to make positive impact.
  • How growth for impact products/platforms like different than growth for other products/platform?
  • What characteristics make good leader?

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[Premiere: March 23, 2023] – Why the NGO Sector Needs to Adopt AI?

Janti Soeripto, President & CEO of Save the Children US

Topics covered:

  • What are the big differences between working in an NGO and corporation?
  • How has the pandemic affected children and their rights?
  • How technology can be used in solving the problems?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of using AI to help in children?
  • What makes a good leader and a success?

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[Premiere: January 26, 2023] – On Leadership, Compassion, and Future of Children

Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2014

Topics covered:

  • How we can fight children’s slavery, trafficking, and prostitution in the 21st century using AI?
  • Why education is a solution to the child labor?
  • How data and technology can help to protect children?
  • Why do we need compassionate leaders to create a better future for children?

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[Premiere: December 29, 2022] – Future Robots and Their Role in Human Life

Dr. David Hanson, Creator of Sophia Robot

Topics covered:

  • What is the future of robots and what role they will play in human life?
  • How Sophia Robot was created and if we are ready to give citizenship to robots?
  • Why do we need to build conscious and compassionate AI?
  • Why diversity, creativity, and inclusion are important for creating robots?

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[Premiere: December 1, 2022] – How Can We Use AI to Spread Happiness?

HE Tshering Tobgay, Former Prime Minister of Bhutan
Topics covered:

  • How is the concept of happiness different in the West and in the East?
  • Why Bhutan is called the world’s happiest country?
  • What is missing in the current focus of AI?
  • How technology and especially AI can help us in building a happy and meaningful life?

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