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AI-Driven Assessment and Feedback for Global Education Empowerment

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This is a paid opportunity. In order to be eligible to apply for this project, you need to be part of the Omdena community and have finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge.

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The problem

The problem at hand involves the inefficient and inaccurate assessment of essays and compositions written by learners. The current system, ChatGPT4, falls short in terms of accuracy, leading to the need for manual curation of the content. This manual process is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and poses limitations on the scalability of e-Learning Content Creation.

The impact of this problem is multifaceted. Firstly, the lack of accurate and efficient assessment hinders the timely delivery of constructive feedback to learners. Feedback plays a vital role in the learning process, helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses, make improvements, and enhance their skills. Without timely and meaningful feedback, learners may struggle to progress effectively, resulting in frustration, disengagement, and a decline in their motivation to learn. Secondly, the manual curation required to compensate for the system’s limitations consumes valuable human resources. Reviewers have to individually assess and evaluate the essays and compositions, diverting their time and effort away from other essential tasks. This manual approach also introduces the possibility of subjective biases and inconsistencies in the evaluation process, as different reviewers may have varying standards and interpretations.

Furthermore, the need for manual curation impedes the scalability of e-Learning Content Creation. As the number of learners and their submissions increases, the time and resources required for assessment grow exponentially. This restricts the organization’s ability to reach a wider audience and provide educational opportunities to a larger number of individuals, limiting the potential impact and reach of their mission.

In summary, the problem of inaccurate and inefficient essay assessment impacts the quality and effectiveness of educational programs. It hampers the timely delivery of feedback, consumes valuable human resources, and restricts scalability. By developing an NLP solution that can assess essays and provide personalized feedback using Generative AI, these challenges can be addressed. This solution has the potential to enhance user engagement, improve the learning experience, and foster the growth of a vibrant community of learners.

The project goals

This project aims to build a Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution that can effectively assess essays and compositions written by learners. The primary goal is to develop a system capable of providing personalized feedback using Generative AI techniques. By leveraging the partner’s dataset and existing technologies, the project seeks to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of e-Learning Content Creation.


  • To build an NLP solution capable of assessing essays/compositions for learners and providing personalized feedback using Generative AI.
  • The ultimate goal is to improve user engagement and grow the community of Community Ambassadors.


  • Leverage the partner’s dataset and existing technologies and models to scale up e-Learning Content Creation.
  • Created an algorithm to identify and cluster users based on different communities.

**More details will be shared once the project is joined.

Why join? The uniqueness of Omdena Top Talent Projects

Top Talent opportunities come as a natural next step after participating in Omdena’s AI Innovation Challenges.

Everyone in the community is eligible to participate once they have shown the relevant skills based on the merit of involvement in past Omdena challenges and the community.

If you are looking for the next challenge after participating in one or more Omdena AI Innovation Challenges, then we believe you have made the right choice! With a healthy, pressured environment, you will be pushed to contribute, learn and grow even more.

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Eligibility to join an Omdena Top Talent project

Finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge

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Skill requirements

Good English

Machine Learning Engineer

Experience working with NLP, Generative AI is a plus.

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