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NLP and Conversational AI for Compassionate AI Psychologist With Human-Like Memory

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Build an AI psychologist which will be able to conduct compassionate conversations by using a voice-based conversational AI approach, with the ability to identify the emotions of the users and their underlying mental health state.

The problem

During the pandemic, we saw a mental health ‘surge’ with a sharp increase in people experiencing anxiety (health anxiety, loneliness, etc.) and stress (including Post Traumatic Stress).

Surveys by such organizations as YouGov and Mental Health America show that, during the pandemic, workers were more stressed than ever. This included anxiety regarding health, finance, and employment, as well as broader issues associated with PTSD, burnout, and moderate depression.

Nearly two-thirds of the UK population (63%) felt anxious at least several times a month during the Spring of 2020. One in five (20%) reported feeling anxious on most days of the week or even more frequently.

Mental Health America’s 2021 study shows the strain on employees, with burnout prevalent and more than half of the respondents actively looking for another job.

There is an increased strain on an already-overstretched mental health service that, in some part, has been accommodated by a growing number of apps as well as telehealth calls (Skype / Zoom calls to human therapists).

The project goals

The project goal is to build an AI psychologist which will be able to conduct compassionate conversations by using a voice-based conversational AI approach, with the ability to identify the emotions of the user and their underlying mental health state and the capacity to remember these users’ states by possessing a human-like memory.

The data

This project will require the manual collection of data.

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