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Analyzing the Importance of Sex Education

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A society-based analysis regarding the importance levels and effects of sex education is missing in many countries. Together with Polish NGO SexedPL 36 collaborators applied AI to understand the effects of sex education in Polish society.

Why sex education is important

The lack of education regarding sex, health, and consent, is a problem around the world affecting millions of people.

Studies have shown that a lack of education causes violent crimes against women, higher suicide rates among a certain group of teenagers, and the spread of diseases.

The challenge partner SexedPL is a well-known foundation with the mission to build a safe platform for all genders and sexualities. The goal is to create responsible, educated, and sexual freedom among the young leaders of tomorrow.

SexedPL has built a loyal, engaged audience with a cumulative reach of 140 Million on Social Media. In addition, they sold 170 000 #sexedPL books, and have 150k followers across their Facebook and Instagram audiences.

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