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Bringing Data Science Education to Secondary Schools in India for Zero Cost

Challenge Completed!

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The team created a data base of Indian secondary schools and their email domains to spread the importance of data science in schools’ curriculum at zero costs. 

The problem

In contribution to the worldwide technological growth, DataCamp Donates aims to bring DataCamp Classrooms to India in collaboration with Omdena, this service will provide resources to secondary school students and teachers in data science education by equipping them with industry-recognized data skills to solve various business and technical problems in the society. 

The project outcomes

The goal of this project has been to acquire names, email addresses, domains, and other details of higher secondary schools in India which the team was able to accomplish. In the process of acquiring this data across various teams, many schools without internet services such as email addresses and so on were identified. The team acquired over thirty thousand records of important details on higher secondary schools in India despite various limitations such as inadequate resources, incomplete and inconsistent data, team span across various time zones.

The team was able to gather highly significant data from over 35,000 records sorted by email domains which are 3,119 unique, 1584 private, and 31,197 generic.

In conclusion, access to DataCamp classrooms service can now be granted to higher secondary schools in India using the deliverables of this project. DataCamp Donates could explore this method to extend DataCamp Classrooms to other countries in the mission to contribute to technological growth through the field of Data Science in various countries.

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