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Deploying a Platform for Detecting Dis/Misinformation in El Salvador with AI

Application Deadline: May 3

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This is a paid opportunity. In order to be eligible to apply for this project, you need to be part of the Omdena community and have finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge.

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The problem

The proliferation of misinformation and disinformation, especially concerning political topics during election periods, poses significant challenges. These deceptive practices are designed to manipulate public opinion, undermine the integrity of the electoral process, and destabilize democratic institutions. Misinformation (false information shared without harmful intent) and disinformation (false information shared with the intent to deceive) can severely impact voter behavior, erode trust in political systems, and exacerbate social divisions. The risks associated with these practices are particularly acute during elections, a critical time when citizens need reliable information to make informed decisions about their leadership.

Impact of the Problem:

The spread of mis/disinformation threatens the foundation of democratic governance and can lead to several adverse outcomes:

  • Eroded Public Trust: Continuous exposure to false or misleading information can erode public trust in electoral processes and democratic institutions, leading to cynicism and disengagement among voters.
  • Manipulated Voter Behavior: Mis/disinformation can significantly influence voter perceptions and decisions, potentially altering the outcome of elections.
  • Increased Polarization: By exploiting existing societal divisions, such targeted misinformation can deepen social and political divides, leading to heightened tensions and conflicts.
  • Undermined Civil Society: The capacity of civil society organizations to promote democratic values and participate effectively in the democratic process is weakened when the informational ecosystem is contaminated with falsehoods.

Addressing the problem of mis/disinformation is crucial for maintaining the integrity of electoral processes and the overall health of the democratic system in El Salvador. By empowering civil society organizations with advanced detection tools, the project aims to mitigate these risks, ensuring a more informed and engaged electorate.

The project goals

The primary goal of this project is to refine and enhance a system designed to detect mis/disinformation in El Salvador during election times, thereby bolstering the efforts of Civil Society Organizations, journalists, and other pivotal stakeholders in fostering a more democratic society. This initiative is set to progress through a series of planned phases:

  • Phase Extension: Building upon the achievements from the previous Machine Learning (ML) development phase, this stage aims to incorporate the latest advancements in AI and ML technologies. The focus will be on enhancing the system’s ability to accurately detect political mis/disinformation, leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms and methodologies to improve its analytical capabilities.
  • Testing and Refinement: A critical phase dedicated to conducting comprehensive evaluations of the current solution to identify any inaccuracies, biases, or other issues that may compromise its effectiveness. This stage involves a meticulous analysis of the system’s performance, with the objective of pinpointing specific areas that require improvement. Subsequent refinements will be made to increase the model’s precision, actively working to minimize biases and address detected issues.
  • Performance Optimization: The final phase is centered on fine-tuning the tool’s performance to achieve optimal efficiency and user-friendliness. Adjustments will be based on feedback from testing and stakeholder input, ensuring the solution effectively meets the diverse needs of its users. The goal is to deliver a tool that is both powerful in its analytical capabilities and accessible to a broad range of stakeholders.

Thus, the project aims to deliver an enhanced system that demonstrates significant improvements in detecting political mis/disinformation in El Salvador. This initiative is expected to have a profound impact on strengthening the capabilities of Civil Society Organizations, journalists, and other key stakeholders, providing them with an advanced tool to support their efforts in promoting a more informed and democratic society. Through this strategic enhancement, the project aspires to contribute to the creation of a more transparent electoral environment in El Salvador.

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