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Gamification of Land & Aqua Exercises with Computer Vision and Sensory Hardware Input

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This is a paid opportunity. In order to be eligible to apply for this project, you need to be part of the Omdena community and have finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge.

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The problem

The problem that this project aims to address is the need to gamify land and aqua exercises, making them more engaging and interactive for users. Traditional exercise routines can often be monotonous and lack excitement, which fails to motivate individuals to maintain a consistent fitness regimen. This project seeks to leverage computer vision technology and sensory hardware input to introduce gamification elements into exercise activities.

By incorporating gamification, the project aims to tackle several challenges:

  • Lack of user engagement: Many individuals struggle to stay motivated during exercise routines, leading to a high dropout rate. The project aims to make exercise more enjoyable and captivating by introducing gamification elements, such as arcade-style games. This can encourage users to participate and sustain their interest over time actively.
  • Limited exercise options: Traditional exercise routines can become repetitive and dull, resulting in decreased enthusiasm. By developing new games in addition to the existing ones, the project offers a wider range of exercise options. Users can choose from various engaging arcade games like pong or kong, allowing for diversity in their workout routines and keeping them motivated.
  • Ineffective data capturing: The current app may have limitations in capturing relevant data during exercise sessions. Improving the data-capturing capabilities of the app is crucial for tracking user progress, analyzing performance, and providing personalized feedback. Enhancements in this area will enable users to better monitor their fitness goals and make informed decisions regarding their exercise routines.
  • Limited control methods: The initial phase of the project utilizes a computer vision-based pose detection model for game control. However, relying solely on computer vision may have limitations and may not cater to all user preferences. By exploring the integration of hardware sensors, the project aims to provide alternative methods of game control, enhancing the user experience and accommodating individual preferences.

Overall, the project aims to address the problem of lackluster exercise experiences by introducing gamification elements, improving data-capturing capabilities, and exploring alternative control methods. Through these efforts, the goal is to make land and aqua exercise more engaging, enjoyable, and personalized, ultimately promoting long-term adherence to fitness routines and healthier lifestyles.

The project goals

The ultimate project goal is to create a gamification experience for exercises utilizing Computer Vision. 

Major Goals:

  • Develop new games in addition to the ones available and created by the Omdena team.
  • The games will be controlled by a CV (pose detection model) and using the same infrastructure developed in the previous phase.
  • Once this phase is done, the partner is considering using hardware sensors to control the games.

Project Scope:

  • Creating 2-3 engaging arcade games (For example- Pong, Donkey Kong, Space Invader, etc.)
  • Testing and integrating the games with the existing app.
  • Improve the current app’s data capturing.
  • Work for later- Game control using the hardware sensors.

**More details will be shared once the project is started.

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