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Help Empower Individuals to Create Social Change & Poverty Alleviation

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This is a paid opportunity. In order to be eligible to apply for this project, you need to be part of the Omdena community and have finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge.

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The problem

Poverty and social inequality are major challenges that affect millions of people around the world. Despite efforts to alleviate poverty and promote social change, many individuals still struggle to access basic needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, education, and employment. While governments and non-profit organizations play a critical role in addressing poverty and social inequality, empowering individuals to create social change can also be an effective way to tackle these issues.

However, many individuals lack the resources, skills, and knowledge to create social change and alleviate poverty in their communities. They may not have access to funding, networks, or training programs that can help them develop and implement their ideas. As a result, they may feel powerless to address the social and economic issues that affect their lives and the lives of those around them.

This project aims to provide individuals with the resources, skills, and knowledge they need to create social change and alleviate poverty in their communities and ultimately seeks to address the root causes of poverty and social inequality by empowering individuals to take action and create change in their communities. By providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to make a difference, the project aims to create a more just and equitable society where everyone has access to basic needs and opportunities.

The project goals


  • Tackle and fix the issues in the existing application.
  • Improve the user journey and experience while navigating the platform.
  • Developing the business aspect by activating the payment functionality.
  • Help create a flow to facilitate individual contributions.

Project Scope: 

  • The work will involve full-stack development (handling the back-end and the front-end of the application).
  • The team will work on integrating and fixing the list of requirements shared by the partner.
  • The current application was developed with React.JS and deployed using AWS cloud resources, which the partner would like to maintain.
  • Build a Python infrastructure that can handle many incoming requests from users and have the built-in capabilities to process the classifier – counter for many different sessions happening in parallel.

**More details will be shared with the selected team.

Why join? The uniqueness of Omdena Top Talent Projects

Top Talent opportunities come as a natural next step after participating in Omdena’s AI Innovation Challenges.

Everyone in the community is eligible to participate once they have shown the relevant skills based on the merit of involvement in past Omdena challenges and the community.

If you are looking for the next challenge after participating in one or more Omdena AI Innovation Challenges, then we believe you have made the right choice! With a healthy, pressured environment, you will be pushed to contribute, learn and grow even more.


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Eligibility to join an Omdena Top Talent project

Finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge

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Skill requirements

Good English

Machine Learning Engineer

Experience working with Smartphone Sensor Data is a plus.

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