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You’ve Completed Lots Of Data Science Courses! Now, What’s Next?

March 7, 2021

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Author: Rehab Emam

You might have finished plenty of data science courses. Now, instead of directly heading to Kaggle’s Titanic competition, there is a better way to make the transition into the real world.

A typical question pops in our minds when we complete many data science courses online, “What’s next?”

Data Science courses - “Diploma vs Experience” by WorkRules

“Diploma vs Experience” by WorkRules

Omdena — The Experience Builder

Overcoming The Impostor

Data Science courses - Imposter Syndrome - “Self Doubt” by PsychologyToday

Imposter Syndrome – “Self Doubt” by PsychologyToday

The Project Kick-Off with 50 Collaborators

My Tasks & What I Learned

In my dreams, I would not imagine, that we can (and I can) collect a dataset to work on in the project.

We had to read papers, collect data, implement those papers in code, clean, process, label data, build a model, evaluate, tune then re-evaluate.

Improving My Leadership Skills as a Task Manager

Looking Back

Data Science courses - Information is knowledge. The only source for knowledge is experience

“Innovation Quote” by thebalancesmb

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