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UK WellnessTech Company GoodBoost and Omdena Deploy Web App to Gamify Exercises for MSK Conditions

January 19, 2023

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How award-winning UK-based Good Boost leveraged an Omdena Top Talent team to take their computer-vision technology and transform it into a publicly accessible web app.

How does Good Boost enhance the well-being of patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions?

Good Boost is a social enterprise that provides affordable and accessible therapeutic exercise programmes, through co-designed technology. Our rehabilitation programmes are designed to be beneficial and fun for people with a wide range of musculoskeletal (MSK)  conditions, including arthritis and back pain.

Our world-leading AI technology delivers personalised therapeutic exercise and wellbeing programmes in community venues, on land and in pools.

We support people to manage their joint and pain conditions, through individually-tailored exercises delivered on tablet computers in community venues. Recently, Good Boost won the GHP award for the leading therapeutic exercise platform of 2022 and the most prestigious award by the Royal Society of Public Health Awards 2022 for their community health & wellbeing program

Live product test; Source: Good Boost

Live product test; Source: Good Boost

App user interface; Source: Good Boost

App user interface; Source: Good Boost

What are your key milestones to accomplish in the next 12 months?

Grow our supported self-management services across the UK with a focus on supporting MSK health, healthy ageing, and tackling health inequalities.

To continue in our co-design methodology and R&D to develop new features and products that are fit for the purpose

To grow internationally look at other nations to take on our validated, proven, clinically and cost-effective system.

How did working with Omdena Top Talent AI teams provide better results?

It’s been brilliant to work with Omdena to take our computer-vision technology and transform it into a publicly accessible web app as part of our industrial research project. 

Omdena provided us with the rapid engineering skills and capacity we would not have had internally for a short-notice change in the project following feedback from our co-design focus groups.

Omdena has enabled us to adapt to our user’s needs and feedback to ensure we are developing and deploying a solution that is fit for the purpose to create interactive exercise games for strength and balance. 

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