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AI Research

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Keys Skills

As a part of AI Research Path you’ll be acquiring skills towards research-oriented career in Data Science

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Explore cutting-edge techniques in neural networks, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics.

AI and Human-Computer Interaction

Enhance human-AI interactions by focusing on explainable AI, user-centred design, collaboration, user experience, and interface design.

AI for Social Good

Address societal challenges through AI, focusing on healthcare, sustainability, education, poverty alleviation, disaster response, and social justice.

AI and Robotics

Integrate AI with robotics technologies, exploring autonomous systems, perception, human-robot interaction, and intelligent control.

Interdisciplinary AI Research

Foster collaboration between AI and other fields such as biology, medicine, psychology, economics, and social sciences to encourage knowledge exchange.

AI Algorithms and Techniques

Advance the field through the development of novel algorithms, optimization techniques, and innovative methodologies to improve AI performance.

AI for Sustainable Development

Investigate the role of AI in achieving sustainable goals, including climate change mitigation, renewable energy, smart cities, and resource optimization.
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Requirements for the Career Path Applicants

Building the knowledge and intellectual abilities and techniques to write a research paper.

Competency in scientific writing

Familiarity with research paradigms

Seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of how AI works

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