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Here your knowledge becomes a reality while working on
projects related to your local communities.

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Opensource, AI projects with Local & International Collaborators

Our mission with Local Chapter Challenges are as follows: To promote real-world AI through running open-source projects To provide case study-based education To bring AI services to local AI enthusiasts and businesses around the world To bring to life communities all around the world that provide AI education and collaborate together on solving issues important for locals.
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Why become a Collaborator?

Become part of a community of 20K+ AI Professionals who tackle on real world problems with tech-based solutions.

Get the work experience
local chapters imagesJoin challenges that you can add to your porfolio and build up the experience that Tech employers are looking for.
Build Connections
local chapters images Network with like-minded people willing to learn and develop their AI skills
Get Exposure to Data Science
local chapters imagesGet exposed to the life-cycle of a data science project from data collection to final deliverables
Improve your skills
local chapters images Learn and develop your data science skills through a series of workshops organized by local chapter leads
Put your skills to the test
local chapters images Develop your skills in Data science/ Artificial Intelligence through working on real-world project

Why become a Local Chapter Lead?

Become a lead of your own Local Chapter Challenge by submitting a project proposal and applying as a chapter lead.

Understand the technical approaches
and the skills needed in solving a problem using data science/artificial intelligence
Get Work Experience
needed in becoming a product owner/developer
Learn and develop
your AI skills through collaboration with other AI engineers
Showcase your work and impact
to obtain grants or scholarships at international conferences, universities or global communities
Make contacts
and get help from Omdena AI community experts to organise workshops
Develop your non-technical skills
like communication, team building, analytical and problem solving skills

List of Local Chapters

You can find all the Omdena Local Chapters by exploring the list below

Growth stories of Local Chapter Leads.

Read Articles about our Local Chapter Leads
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Find a Career Path that suits you best

Find a Career Path that suits best your interests or
experience and build your dream portfolio.

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Omdena Project Types

The 3 Major Project types offered by the Omdena Platform.
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Local Chapter Projects
Open Source and good for Beginners
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AI Innovation Challenges
8-week Innovation Challenge with 50 Collaborators
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Top Talent Projects
Paid Opportunities for experienced, and Top-performing Omdena Developers