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AI-Powered Personal Nutrition Advisor

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This is a paid opportunity. In order to be eligible to apply for this project, you need to be part of the Omdena community and have finished at least one AI Innovation Challenge.

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The problem

Traditional customer service channels and generalized nutritional guidance often fail to provide personalized recommendations tailored to individual needs. People have unique health conditions, goals, dietary preferences, and restrictions, but current approaches do not account for these specific factors. This leads to a gap in meeting the diverse and personalized requirements of users seeking health and lifestyle guidance. The existing customer service channels are limited in their ability to deliver tailored user experiences. Customers seeking assistance may encounter long wait times, generic advice, or incomplete support due to the high volume of inquiries. These channels lack the scalability and efficiency required to handle individualized requests effectively. Generic nutritional guidance fails to address the specific dietary needs and preferences of individuals. It overlooks variations in dietary requirements, cultural practices, food allergies, and personal goals. Consequently, people may receive guidance that does not align with their unique circumstances, potentially leading to ineffective or unsustainable lifestyle changes.

We recognize the power of data-driven insights in delivering effective health and lifestyle recommendations. By harnessing the vast amount of available data, including individual health records, lifestyle choices, genetic information, and user feedback, AI has the potential to generate personalized recommendations grounded in evidence-based practices. Current approaches often lack the ability to leverage such comprehensive data analysis.

By addressing these problems, this project aims to create a platform that leverages AI technology to provide personalized, data-driven health and lifestyle recommendations. This solution seeks to fill the gap between generalized guidance and individual needs, offering users tailored support, precise nutritional advice, and customized lifestyle recommendations. Ultimately, the goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being, leading to improved health outcomes and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The project goals

The desired outcome of this project is to provide users with an unprecedented level of personalized health and lifestyle guidance. Users will receive recommendations that are not only data-driven but also take into account their unique circumstances, preferences, and goals. By offering this tailored experience, this project aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, ultimately leading to improved overall outcomes and customer satisfaction.


  • Develop an AI tool that uses the Company’s knowledge and metadatabases to generate personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Improve the Company’s customer care service by handling tickets through AI.
  • Provide more personalized guidance within the Company’s dashboard by integrating a personalized chatbot expert assistant.
  • Investigate the feasibility of training a model with the Company’s microbiota profiles in addition to other text-based data.


  • Train a language model, like GPT, with the Company’s databases (mainly text).
  • Interpret results to form personalized guidance for users.
  • Utilize the Company’s user meta-database, including data like weight, gender, age, smoking habits, and dietary preferences.
  • Integrate the AI assistant into the existing Laravel framework-based dashboard.
  • Enable the AI assistant to handle customer care tickets efficiently.
  • Investigate the possibility of using an existing model that could be trained with the Company’s microbiota profiles.
  • Assess if the current amount of data is sufficient and determine how much more would be required.

**More details will be shared with the designated team.

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